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Sunshine Kids Academy’s philosophy is every student will learn and develop healthy social, emotional and physical skills within a safe and enjoyable learning environment. We not only provide a safe and secure school environment, we also provide a lot of love and encouragement. This philosophy helps our students to grow academically as well as physically and emotionally. 

A safe and secure environment is just the first part of our philosophy. We believe that children are naturally curious and will learn as a result of their drive to discover new things. We use a variety of teaching methods that allow students to learn at their own pace and in a way they feel comfortable. Our students are provided with many opportunities to explore and discover their world. Daily walks to the park, free play between activities, dance lessons, arts and crafts, story time and music lessons are just a few of the activities that allow our students to be free with their minds and to express themselves openly. To educate the whole child, young learners also need a strong sense of self along with respect for other’s feelings and/or belongings. Through conflict resolution, our students will develop these important traits. Respect also includes gender, age, race, religion, ability and disability.

These are imprinted upon our students through reading activities as well as cultural activities and events. It is our goal to create an environment and program where the student’s natural desire to learn is stimulated through meaningful, appropriate and playful learning experiences; one that meets the needs of each student as an individual.

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