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Our Preschool is divided into classes based on age, while keeping in mind abilities as well. Classes are taught according to age-appropriate learning methods. The Preschool curriculum has been created to encourage students to become active participants and lifelong learners. Students are actively engaged at all times while in the classroom. Lesson plans are written to match the class’s abilities and can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of the students. Each month, a new theme is integrated into the daily planned subjects and activities to help create a deeper level of understanding and interconnection.

Ages & Groups

Dew Drops
  • Ages: 6 Months - 1 Year old
  • Teacher - Child Ratio 1:3
  • Max Number of Students in Class: 6
Tinker Tots
  • Ages: 1 Year - 2 Years old
  • Teacher - Child Ratio 1:5
  • Max Number of Students in Class: 20
  • Ages: 2 Years - 3 Years old
  • Teacher - Child Ratio 1:7
  • Max Number of Students in Class: 21
Super Stars
  • Ages: 3 Years - 4 Years old
  • Teacher - Child Ratio 1:9
  • Max Number of Students in Class: 18
  • Ages: 4 Years - 6 Years old
  • Teacher - Child Ratio 1:12
  • Max Number of Students in Class: 24

Daily Activities

  • Language (English & Japanese)

  • Reading & Writing Skills

  • Math & Reasoning

  • Science & Health

  • Social Studies (Cultural)

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Music & Movement

  • Learning Centers

  • Gross Motor & Fine Motor Skills

  • Social & Emotional Development

  • Show & Tell

  • Dance & Drama

  • Story Telling

  • Physical Education

  • Outdoor Play

  • School Events & Excursions

Schedule Options


At Sunshine Kids Academy, all educational programs are available daily, Monday through Friday. Our Preschool & Kindergarten offers year-round academic programs including toddler care, preschool, pre- kindergarten, kindergarten, after-school and extended care.

  9:00AM - 2:30PM
Early Dismissal   
  9:00AM - 5:00PM
Late Dismissal   
  9:00AM - 6:00PM

Healthy School Lunch


We all develop food preferences early in life, so it’s important for children to have a variety of appealing, nutritious foods every day. That is why Sunshine Kids Academy has a certified chef prepare our school lunches. Our chef takes nutrition seriously and wants each food experience to be an enjoyable one for our students. Our chef carefully plans a kid-friendly menu every month which is posted on our Facebook page. Each meal is carefully thought out to ensure only nutritious, well-balanced and, most importantly, delicious food makes it onto our students’ plates. 

Food Allergies:

Extra precautions are taken for any student with a food allergy. Each meal is prepared according to each child’s needs.

Religious Dietary Restrictions:

As for students with religious dietary restrictions, the guidelines are observed closely at Sunshine Kids Academy.

Additional Services

  • Extended Care – Available at a spot rate per 30 minutes

    • Early Drop-off (from 8:30am)

    • Late Pick-up (until 7:30)

  • School Bus – To-and-from school bus service is available daily

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Questions & Inquiries: Please call our office at 03-6228-4413 for further questions or inquiries. Thank you.

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