Our Mission

At Sunshine Kids Academy, we believe that children learn best when engaged in activities that not only help them discover new skills, but are also fun and challenging at the same time. We are committed to providing an environment that will foster a love for learning. Through planned activities, free play, dance, arts, crafts, story time, circle time and many other engaging activities, the children will develop the necessary skills to have a successful school life and beyond. Our ultimate goal for each child is to learn self-discipline. To this end, we teach responsibility, not obedience. Our task is to help children develop skills that enable them to know and understand right from wrong, to make the correct choices, and to see how their behavior affects others.

Sunshine Kids Academy is committed to and will:


  • Utilize creative tools and resources to provide the best environment for learning.

  • Provide a fun, loving, and safe environment.

  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum written specifically for each class level.

  • Provide monthly newsletters with important information about each class.

  • Design and implement multicultural activities.

  • Maintain low child to teacher ratios.​

  • Provide a well-balanced, healthy lunch program.

  • Maintain a high level of professionalism.

  • Provide staff development opportunities for the teachers.

  • Maintain CPR, First Aid Training.

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